9. Progress

The Euro-region shows a growing international and export orientation  

  • Creation of employment and economic growth based in the development of a new productive model


  • The Euro-region’s most valuable resource is its scientific human capital
  • A common structure for the international promotion of the Euro-region’s enterprises and to the attraction of FDI, which undergoes constant consolidation
  • Investment in sustainability and renewable energies

  • The coverage rate of Galicia’s exportations achieved 124% in 2011

  • The coverage rate of Portugal’s exportations achieved 73% in 2011

    Follow-up of the Euro-region's international trends through the 
    Observatory of Internationalization 

Main trade show venues in the Euro-region:

  • EXPONOR (Porto). Most important trade shows:
    • Concreta  (construction and public works) (biennial)
    • Export Home  (interior design) (annual)
    • Fimap  (wood industry tools and technology) (biennial)
    • Normédica  (health services and technology) (biennial)
  • IFEVI (Vigo). Most important trade shows:
    • Navalia (shipbuilding industry and technology)
    • Conxemar (fishing industry)

A treble effcient region in terms of human capital, energy and economy