Good people, supplying chain, infrastructures and authorities acting proactive, all together, are de most important competitiveness factors on the North of Portugal.

Jorge Ferreira, Factory Manager Swedwood Portugal
Part of IKEA Industry Group

Viana do Castelo is still an important commercial centre and also a territory of growing attractiveness for business. With an initial investment of 1,7 million Euros for the period 2007-2013, ENERCON participates actively in the development initiatives implemented by the Portuguese and Regional Governments in terms of innovation, technological development and sustainable growth.

Francisco Rodrigues Laranjeira, Managing Director
ENERCON Portugal

“When Spain was considered as the destination for our investment, there were two interesting possible geographical locations whose choice was based on factors of proximity to our two main clients (PSA and GM). However, we chose Vigo due to several reasons: the City Council of Vigo and the Free Trade Consortium decisively supported us in the purchase of land; there are excellent transport infrastructures close to one of the most important ports in Spain, leaving an open opportunity for future business relations with America; the proximity to different car-builders both in Spain and Portugal, considered as potential clients.
On the other hand, we have to show special gratitude the Galician Government for their help through IGAPE, whose support has also been determining.”

Roberto Cavallo, General Manager
Denso Sistemas Térmicos España

“The ecological features and cultural synergies of the Euro-region were ideal. So at Stolt Sea Farm S.A. we got to successfully integrate our industrial project within this environment, getting to achieve a worldwide leading role in the aquiculture sector”

Luis Toro Pinilla, General Manager and Vice-president
Stolt Sea Farm S.A.

"IGAPE has actively supported Marukei since our first approach to their delegation in Tokio.
And after a meticulous market analysis and a lot of research trying to verify the feasibility of our project, we finally took the decision to open a subsidiary of Marukei Group in Europe.
Since the quality of the fish we use in the elaboration of our products is the most important factor to us, we chose Galicia to set up our factory."

Ricardo Tomasi, General Manager
Marukei S.L.